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Barnet and Brent - Next Door Neighbours - Different worlds ?

There have been pleasant comments that I have read, in response to my blogging about the Brent Cross Planning Application.

Brent should feel proud of its way of running its borough. We must all make a pledge to keep it up and keep moving forward.

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Us lucky citizens of Barnet used to look smugly across to our West at Brent Council. We used to laugh smugly as Private Eye labelled them "Bent Council". Back in 2002 when the Tories took Barnet Council from Lib/Lab coalition, the Barnet Council Tax was hundreds of pounds a year less. Look what the Tories in Barnet have done.

2010 Council Tax Bands

Brent Band D Council Tax - £1368

Barnet Band D Council Tax - £1423

Brent Council hasn't been featured all over local and national press recently. The councillors there just get on with doing their job. They actually give the impression they care. One blog I follow is that of CouncillorShafique Choudhary, a Labour Councillor for Barnhill ward in Brent. Unlike Barnet Tories, Shafique likes to keep his voters informed of what he's up to. He does this by writing a blog (a free one). In his latest post, he mentions his attendance of the Barnet Planning meeting on Thursday - What he says is quite saddening - -

I reproduce in full what he had to say :-


Last night I attended yet another Barnet Planning Committee regarding the Brent Cross Development. What a contrast between the planning committee methods in Barnet and Brent! It seems, in spite of the neighbourhood proximity, the two borough are a thousand miles apart.

I felt proud being a councillor in Brent, not a “yes” robot in Barnet


Now you will notice that Shafique doesn't try and score party points. He just says that the whole system is broken. I left a comment on Shafiques blog saying I thought it was a bit unfair on our local Labour and Lib Dem councillors who I think are pretty good and most certainly not "Yes Robots". The bottom line though, is that Lynne Hillan has transformed Barnet Council into a joke authority. If I had said twenty years ago that in a few years Brent Labour councillors would be publicly gloating about the ineptitude and stupidity of the Barnet Tories and everyone across the board would agree, you'd have thought I was bonkers. These days it is the Brent Councillors who hold their head high and walk with pride, whilst Barnets Tories skulk in the shadows, bottle out of Residents forums and only come out for free dinners at the expense of other people.

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