Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Our Team's Activities and Updates

  1. Vodafone application to install 13.8 metre high pole with 3 antennas and one ground based equipment cabinet to pavement opposite junction of The Avenue and West Hill - matter referred to the authorities and positive response so far noticed. Vodafone has now lodged an appeal against the rejection decision. Awaiting now the final decision.
  2. Barn Hill fly-tipping, lack of parking for Chalk hill Community Centre visitors, abandoned shopping trolleys, broken and displaced kerbs, grass-cutting - discussed with Neighbourhood Watch, and things are improving. Representation was successful - necessary steps taken by the authorities to tackle the problems. However, continuous vigilance is necessary by all.
  3. Beverley Hill - ASBO reports, as well as the main cause, removal of sitting bench. Matter is under consideration. Bench removed and camera installed - no further problems brought to our attention.
  4. Anti-social behaviour - details withheld. Things are improving in the area. No new problems reported. Police are also very cooperative.
  5. Litter bins in parks all over Barn hill and Chalk hill with easy access to foxes and crows - park authorities are working on it how to stop the overturning of bins by the wild animals. Environment  and park authorities are doing their best, and things are improving.
  6. Barbecue area is, after use, normally left untidy and unclean - bylaws need to be enforced, and the park authorities are working with residents. Park authorities have taken steps, and things have improved in the area, but still more work needs to be done.
  7. Ark Academy traffic problems, possibility of children congregating at various locations, and possibility of using existing cameras to control parking, etc. - matter raised with appropriate authorities, and consideration will be given to the traffic problems. Transport authorities are attempting to improve traffic in the area.
  8. Kids who are excluded from mainstream school - details withheld, Working with local police on how to help such kids. No progress to report. However, temporary swimming pool has helped a lot to reduce the kids gathering aimlessly.
  9. Instances have been witnessed and photographed by local residents of a number of a professional dog walkers walking packs of dogs (in excess of 10). Also leaving behind dog excrement all over park land - Authorities are taking appropriate measures to stop it. Park authorities have taken this seriously, and are enforcing rules and regulations.
  10. Bins problem, Hill View Close/Lawns Courts - Matter resolved for the time being.
  11. Chalk hill Primary School need to offer swimming lessons for the school/local community with separate sessions for religious groups, nursery children with parents, teenagers, etc. The swimming pool is functioning, and is very  popular in the area.
  12. Bulk Charges - Labour position: There should be no question in anyone mind that the Labour administration is irrevocably committed to abolishing the charges. However the details of how to do so are part of a wider review on street cleaning, and therefore the practicalities of how to restore the free collection of bulky items will take some time to work out. Bulk Charges have now been abolished.
  13. Fast moving traffic on West hill. Electronic sign to reduce speed is functioning.
  14. Problem with groups of dogs in Barn Hill parks - rules will soon be introduced to limit, and hopefully end, this problem.


  1. Even in these times of cut-backs, I think that parts of the ward should get some more street trees planted on the pavement.

    This could happen all over Brent as well.

    They cannot cost a huge amount, and the residents see the benefit for the next hundred years!

  2. I will do my best to get more trees planted on the pavements, as well as all over Brent. Thank you.

  3. Litter collection has declined in Brent since the election. Why?