Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Vision on Waste and Recycling

On Wednesday 11 August Brent Council's Executive will consider plans to consult on changes to the borough's waste and recycling services from summer 2011.
The council's draft waste collection strategy set out how waste management will be delivered in Brent over the next five years with a goal of 60 per cent reuse, recycle and composting by 2020.
The draft strategy proposes to extend the council's recycling services to include all flats as well as street level properties. It also proposes expanding the range of materials collected. The new service is expected to save around £1 million after the first two years of operation.
Residents will be asked for their views through a variety of channels including a survey in the October edition of The Brent Magazine, the council's website and local area forums.
The plans reflect successful schemes already operating in all of the top 20 best performing councils in England and Wales. The draft strategy covers household waste only.
In the financial year 2009/10 the council spent almost £9 million on the costs of disposing of waste in landfill, when rubbish is buried in the ground. The draft strategy proposes a modern waste service, responsive to residents' needs and environmental concerns that will reduce the amount going to landfill and allow residents to recycle more materials at the kerbside.
Michael Read, Assistant Director of Environment and Culture at Brent Council said: "Brent introduced compulsory recycling in 2008 and the response from residents has been excellent. Recycling rates have increased from 22 per cent in 2006 to more than 28 per cent this year, with no enforcement action necessary. Brent people clearly want to recycle more and we need as many views as possible during the consultation period in September and early October.
"In future residents will have more space to recycle as small green boxes are replaced with larger wheelie bins. We want to get opinions on everything from ease of access to the type of material collected. Under the new proposals there will be very little of what we might have called 'rubbish' as most of what we throw away can be recycled."

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