Monday, 16 August 2010

Public Pressure on Barnet Tory ruling group is a magnificent result for us in Brent!

Amidst widespread public and political condemnation, Councillor Hillan (Barnet)announced today that the council will be asked to reconsider the proposals to increase allowances for cabinet members.

She said she and senior party colleagues have been “listening carefully” to the public's reaction, despite constantly praising the changes that were voted on in July.

This defeat for the leadership helps our campaign to stop the Brent Cross scheme, which will harm us all in Barnhill and the whole of Brent.

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  1. The Barnet blogs are saying that committee chairs are STILL being given a 50% pay rise by Barnet oouncil leader Lynne Hillan.

    And they vote next month for the leadership of the Tories in Barnet. One candidate will be the current leader - Lynne Hillan!