Thursday, 23 September 2010

Self-Help After-School Homework Club Set Up by Parents For Their Children in Barnhill

This homework club was started by concerned parents recently, and local councillors were invited to visit the establishment, and see how it is managed.

Cllr. Judith Beck and I visited the club yesterday, and it was an amazing experience. It is run by parents from their own financial resources. This club helps with mainstream educational subjects, for children between 4 years to 15 years-old, with the help of well-qualified teachers and highly educated individuals.

The homework club, in the way it is managed, offers a unique service, for children who otherwise would be watching TV, or doing something outside their homes. The way these children are involved and helped by parents and teachers shows that young talent and creativity can be developed, in a safe and supervised atmosphere. In addition, social skills and self-esteem are nurtured, with the club's emphasis on maths, sciences, and language.

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