Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Travel grant for poorest pupils may be scrapped

The government is considering abolishing a £20m grant that has helped the poorest pupils afford the cost of travelling to school, it emerged today.
Michael Gove, the education secretary, appearing before the Commons education select committee, also admitted there will not be a real-terms rise in school budgets, as he had previously claimed. The travel grant is given to pupils in primary and secondary schools and sixth-form colleges who cannot afford their daily bus fare or train journey. These pupils go to schools and colleges some distance from their homes for reasons of religious faith or to study particular subjects.
The grant will stop in its current form next summer, but the government is looking into how the funds can continue as part of its review into school transport.
A spokesman from the Department for Education said: "We are looking at what we can do and are determined that no child will lose out."

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