Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cuts 'make a mockery' of Cameron's sympathy for disabled

David Cameron has offered "every sympathy" to the mother of a disabled girl refused care, but Carer Nicky Clark tells Channel 4 News the coalition cuts make a mockery of his sympathies.
Riven Vincent and her heartbreaking plea via the influential Mumsnet caused me to feel both anger and empathy.

As the mother of two disabled girls, and with my own mum in end stage Alzheimer's disease, I understand too well what carer burn-out feels like.

I can't believe that David Cameron seeks to deliberately disenfranchise disabled people.

But the idea that he is leading a government which is removing the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance, yet tackling Riven's case personally, makes a mockery of his assertion that he stands shoulder to shoulder with all carer's and their concerns for their disabled children.

There are many people's children who are already in residential care and who are going to be devastated by the loss of their mobility.

Courtesy of Channel 4 news

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