Saturday, 19 February 2011

Brent Black and Minority Ethnic Steering Group

A lively meeting held on 07 Feb 2011.
  • Qestions were raised whether Brent will be undertaking any consultation on the objective setting as part of the Equlity Act 2010. Informationb are still being gathered. 
  • Also asked if there was any news on the out come of the recent Census.It is too early for any result to be published.
  • Young Peolple and the Criminal Justice System.Members commented that the information produced at this meeting was very useful.
  • Health Wellbeing for Brent's BME Community. As Health and Wellbeing Board membership did not apear to have any meaningful community representatives on it, it was clear that authority talks about engagement and patients choice but have no meaning full involvement or engagement from the community which is not acceptable.
  • Topic for 2011-12 Work Programme:
    • The Health and Wellbing Board, the question of transfer of Public Health to the Authority
    • Education Conference
    • Public Sector Equalit Duty and the Eqwuality Act 2010
    • Young people and the lack of sporting facilities or other facilities for social activiites.


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