Friday, 29 April 2011

Chalkhill Royal Wedding Celebration

RESIDENTS of Chalk hill, under the banner of Chalkhill Resident Association, arranged a street party to celebrate wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton who are now known Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

As Royal Wedding fever gripped whole country, how could the Residents of Chalkhill  escape from it. So they arranged a party.  A large population of Chalkhill and neighbouring areas attended it. The day and the party will never  be forgotten those who took part. Plenty of food of various culture prepared by participants from wide range of nationalities was available. Some of which were prepared at the site. Somalian dishes were delicious and unbelievably mouthwatering and popular.

Credit goes to Chalkhill Residents Association and its chair Kathleen Jackson. Participating local residents were ecstatic and overwhelmed by the proceedings of the events locally and beyond.


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