Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Child groped And Probed in Airport Security

A disturbing new video reveals how children as young as six are being subjected to invasive body searches in the name of airport security.

The footage shows a six-year-old girl being called forward for a full pat down and finger search by an agent for the Transport Security Administration agent at New Orleans Airport.

At one point the young girl's mother asks 'can't you just re-scan her?' before being told 'no' by the TSA guard as the small child is called forward for the search.

The gloved guard feels the child all over, putting her fingers down the child's trousers and running her hands around the waist band.

She also runs her hands over the child's legs, arms, chest and groin areas.

Speaking on Good Morning America, the girl's mother and father said they had to stand powerless while this was going on.

'I did ask for alternatives. I asked for her to be rescanned,' said the girl's mother, Selena Drexel.

Her father, Todd Drexel, said that while his daughter was polite and respectful during the screening, she broke down in tears afterwards.

courtesy of AOL

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