Thursday, 30 June 2011

BHRA - Newsletter

Here is BHRA Newsletter dated May 2011 for your information

"As I mentioned in our last Newsletter, unfortunately we are still suffering an increase in burglaries in the Barn Hill area.We are in regular contact with Sgt.Gor and his Safer Neighbourhood Team, and on the 15thMarch we held a meeting with local residents, Sgt Gor’s Team and local Councillors, Shafique Choudhary and Abdi Aden, to enable local residents to air their views.

After this meeting I wrote to Commander Gardiner asking for extra resources to assist our Safer neighbourhood team to try and apprehend these criminals.Sgt.Gor assures me that he has the required assistance in place.

He also asks that each and every resident play their part in stopping these burglaries. Most important that before you leave your home that you take time and make sure that you have closed and locked all your windows and side gates. Also make it sure that you do not leave your wheelie bins close to your back gate as this helps burglars to gain entry into your back garden without being seen.

Sgt Gor's team is currently distributing an " Operation Bumblebee" leaflet giving 10 tips on how to secure your property.If, for any reason, you do not receive one please either email or phone us and we shall arrange one for your received.

Earlier this year we were approached by a very concerned resident who had been having problems with her gas supply for over a year and she had already spent over £1,000 to gas fitters without any luck. We took up her case with both Brent Council and British Gas and it became apparent that a cluster of houses had the same problem of water mixing with the gas supply. These remedial works have been more extensive than we envisaged but when completed everyone should reap the benefits of this work.
You will recall that we reported in our newsletter in February, that an Appeal had been submitted by Vodapone for the Mast proposed for the bottom of West Hill, beside the railway bridge. Unfortunately, the Planning Inspectorate upheld the appeal, despite many letters of objection sent by residents and indeed the council planners had rejected the plan so the Mast will soon be erected . On a positive note, it was good to see so many residents putting care for our environment first.

Pavements that have grass verges need extra care. If you are intending to do any building work, however small, on your property, consider your neighbours please & ensure your builders make as little mess as possible, and clear up any materials on the pavement &/or road at the end of each day.

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