Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beware - Brent


"The application proposals involve the creation of a new rail-linked Waste Handling Facility [essentially the proposed Pinkham Way building, with railway sidings] on a site adjacent to the A5 [Edgware Road; originally the Roman Road, Watling Street]. The existing facility will not be closed, until a new facility has been constructed.

Evening Standard image
(the incinerator is south-west of the shopping centre)

"The waste facility is likely to be operated through a new contract, yet to be awarded by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA). The Development Partners [in 2010, Multiplex gave up, just leaving Hammerson south of the North Circular Road; typical for the shambles that is Brent Cross, their web site still says Multiplex] are in advanced discussions with the Authority, regarding the design, specification and programme of this facility. [It's moved to Pinkham Way. Ask the NLWA to explain. And please tell us!]

"Key elements of the specification proposed by the Development Partners are that the Waste Handling Facility:
  • will be connected directly to the Combined Heat and Power plant [incinerator]
  • should be designed to manufacture a 'Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)' [no known difference from 'Solid Recovered Fuel' - you can call it what you like! There is more here.] from residual municipal waste, suitable for use in the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant [incinerator], to be constructed as part of the development [further east, near Brent Cross shopping centre];
  • will produce sufficient fuel to meet the requirements of the CHP, when it is fully operational [serving the 150 hectares, made up of 14-million-square-feet of development over 20 years].

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(the 'Pinkham Way waste plant' at Brent Cross)

 "Negotiations are continuing with the NLWA, concerning these and other aspects of an agreed specification and programme for developing the Waste Handling Facility (WHF).

"... The [incinerator] stack will be a maximum height of 140-metres above finished ground level, ... with a [CHP] building size of 65 by 45 metres, and 45 metres high.

"... If RDF from the WHF [for the CHP!] is not available, an alternative fuel source would be used, which is likely to be natural gas. ... The development partners [would then] consider the use of free-standing wind turbines."

Link to pre-approval 'Estates Gazette'
video at Hendon Town Hall

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