Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Brent Council - Lollipop plans on ice

Brent Council had planned to make a decision on whether to cut the number of lollipop men and women from 47 to 17 this month.

But parents  fear more children could be killed on Brent’s busy roads. .

The lollipop cuts would save the council about £200,000 a year.
The 30 sites which could be affected are in areas deemed safer for children to cross because of zebra and pelican crossings or 20mph zones.

The road considered the most dangerous is Dudden Hill Lane near Northview Primary School, in Neasden.
Schools having sufficient funds  would be able to buy lollipop people themselves at a cost  of around £6,000 per year.

Speaking at the Kilburn and Kensal Consultative Forum , Councillor Jim Moher (Labour), lead member for highways and transportation, said: “This year Brent is losing £43 million.

Majority of schools holds good amount of funds why not take a council offer to buy Lollipop at cost of around £5000 to 6000 per year.

courtesy of 24rs

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