Thursday, 15 September 2011

BRENT CROSS REDEVELOPMENT: Cricklewood Community Forum says: "No, thanks!"

(Photo courtesy of Barnet Times)
Pauline McKinnell, Chairperson of 'Cricklewood Community Forum', says:

“This scheme will cause huge disruption to the community for years to come. Hundreds of homes will be destroyed, with residents not knowing where they will be moved to. Home owners, many of whom have lived in the area for years, will be offered shared equity deals if they wish to stay locally, but details have not been worked out.

"The area is bounded by major roads - the North Circular, A5, A41 and Cricklewood Lane - that already experience frequent traffic congestion. Adding 7,500 new housing units and 27,000 jobs will lead to complete gridlock.

"The concentration of new housing in such a small area is ludicrous. The only way you can get 7,500 homes into the area is to build enormous blocks of flats all over the place. Who on earth would choose to live in a tower block overlooking the North Circular?”

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