Thursday, 15 September 2011

Major Developments in Brent

Civic Centre

The centre is central to the council's desire and vision to establish Wembley as a community focus for Brent. This project started in March 2008. Over £930,000 has been spent to date.

It will be occupied (as phase 1) in March 2013, and final occupation (phase 2) will be in Jun 2013. Office space for 2,300 staff is based on 7 workstations for every 10 staff.

Revenue savings will be £2.5million per annum, on average, over the funding period.

The following developments are already happening:

Wembley, Church End, Willesden Green Redevelopment, South Kilburn, North Circular Road, Alperton, Burnt Oak, and Barham Park.

Details are on the Brent web site.

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  1. The following three paragraphs are from the 'Wembley Matters' blog:

    I had a chat with a street sweeper over the weekend who told me that no way could Brent maintain the quality of service with the reduced numbers of sweeps in residential areas and the cuts in weekend work. He said that sweepers used to have the flexibility to deal with any extra littering and that would no longer be the case: "If we sweep on Monday and it is littered on Tuesday it will stay there until next Monday.

    He also mentioned that Veolia had offered sweepers redeployment to Haringey and the difficulties involved travelling there. Veolia had said those redeploying would get an extra 30 pence an hour, only for the sweepers to discover that this increase was also due in Brent.

    I am sure some of you noticed the interesting juxtaposition of letters in the Willesden and Kilburn Times this week. In the first letter Labour Councillor Jim Moher, responsible for the cuts in street sweeping, attacked me ands the Green Party for opposing them. In the second letter, Labour Councillor and Group Leader in Westminster, Paul Dimoldenberg, denounced his Conservative Council for....cuts in the weekend street sweeping service. He asks if the Council is not spending Council Tax on this 'primary duty' where on earth is our money going?

    The Enviromental Protection Act 1990 specifies that councils must clear street litter within certain time limits, depending on which of four "zones" the public land is in, and which of four "grades" of litter is causing the problem.

    Clearing the heaviest grade of litter, from the highest-rated zone (used for most built-up area streets) must be done WITHIN ONE HOUR of being reported, to be compliant with the Act.

    Is Brent Council still going to meet these requirements under the law, please?