Sunday, 23 October 2011

Health secretary claims Brent’s hospital trust is ‘not fit for purpose’

I have mixed feelings- What about you?

Please give your views!


  1. Any further details or was it a one line comment with no substance?

    The running of our local hospitals is awful, the management don't treat the staff well and don't do enough for the patients imho.

  2. Now see the link, so it seems that the key complaint against our trust is that it's not financially viable. I can well believe that and blame the policies of Tony Blair's evil autocratic New Labour (=Conservative) government for putting us in this mess.

    They put in reams of paperwork, reams of managers and reams of wastage.

    I think merging with Ealing would be a good way to get out of this mess because if you look at the more efficient services that are provided in the borough, e.g. at the Wembley Centre for Health and Care, they are actually run by Ealing! Perhaps it'll have a positive effect on the management of the trust and we'll lose the bozos that do things like fire HCAs treating them as scapegoats just because the nurses decide to all disappear from a ward when they should be there.

  3. I have been informed that services at the Wembley centre are run by Community Services Brent who merged Ealing Hospital Trust in April 2011 to form Ealing Integrated care organisation. It is legal requirement that community service Brent uses the logo of its host organisation.