Wednesday, 14 December 2011

We must revive Bridge Road and Forty Lane shops

Link to Evening Standard

"The state of the UK's high streets has been laid bare, after a government-commissioned report described some town centres as 'dead', with huge increases in the number of empty shops.

"Ms Portas, presenter of the BBC programme Mary Queen Of Shops, said the high street had been 'displaced' by out-of-town shopping centres, without anyone considering the impact of such a huge change. Community had been sacrificed for convenience, and there was now no sense of 'belonging' to a local high street, she added."

Link to The Portas Review


  1. I'm encouraged by this article Cllr Choudhary, but what are your actual proposals to revive these shops?

    Please respond to this comment.

    I have some ideas of my own which I'd be glad to share if you're interested.

  2. Thank you Sagar Shah Sahib,

    Please feel free use this space for your ideas and thoughts.

  3. I am compiling a detailed report on the issue which will be published early in January.

    What are your own proposals?