Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Celtic Manor can be in London/Bulldozed- Dollis Hill House

Congratulations Labour you have done something which should had been done 15 years ago.

The19th century Prime Minister William Gladstone has finally been bulldozed making way for a new and modern building at site.

Campaigners have no doubt  have done their best to save the house but sadly the house which was abandoned 18 years ago and clearly was in very poor condition and  rightly has been   disposed off .

I am looking forward to see council plans to create a lasting legacy for Dollis Hill House on the site. If a Conference Centre is built similar like Celtic Manor in Wales, would be a magical building in London in tranquillity and heavenly atmosphere of Gladstone Park. Every resident in Brent will be proud of Brent Council and labour party.

Location wise it is an ideal position for such a conference centre becuase of new Cricklewood main line station nearby as well as it is  expected a new station  " Gladstone Park" on Light Rail/Overground net work.  No need to mention that M 1 only starts 1/2 mile away.

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