Thursday, 5 January 2012

Campaigners pledge to step up battle if HS2 goes ahead

Campaigners striving for a light railway line in the borough have vowed to step up their campaign, if the £17 billion HS2 scheme goes ahead. The North West London Light Railway (NWLLR) group thinks that, if the high-speed rail link from London to Birmingham gets the green light, the likely interchange station at Old Oak Common would provide an excellent opportunity to create further links into Brent via a light railway.

Campaigner John Cox said: “If it goes ahead, we will step up the campaign, which would provide maximum benefit for Brent. This would make Brent’s public transport among the best in Britain, while the alternative is gridlock on our roads from the new developments like Brent Cross,which are planned for the next 20 years."
A decision on the HS2scheme is expected later this month


  1. The first paragraph says in the newspaper and here,
    but should say
    "hopes" !

  2. Meanwhile what are Barnhill councillors doing about the kids from Chalkhill (in your ward!) who are not going to have their new park for yet another summer

  3. Here is the correct position:-

    "In October 2011 tenders were sent out to quote for the provision of a new park in Chalkhill.

    It had been anticipated that the Council would be able to award a contract for this work to be undertaken and that contractors would start on site in December / January with approximately six months to completion.

    Unfortunately, the Council was unable to accept any of the tenders submitted. All the tenders submitted were unaffordable without reducing the specification, but it also became apparent that there was not full compliance with the Councils internal Standing Orders.

    Therefore, Council will be starting the tendering process again within the next few weeks and hopes that this time, the Council will receive affordable and suitable tender submissions.

    The Council anticipates advertising the tender by the end of January, evaluating the tenders in mid February and awarding the contract in March with a six month contract to completion"