Thursday, 5 January 2012

Public spending on universities ‘will fall to 1900 levels’

 It is now highly likely that public spending on higher education in England will go down to its lowest level in more than a century once reforms announced by the Government take effect. This is said by University and College Union today.
Funding for teaching and research at universities in 2014/15 will be £3.7bn – just 15% of the forecast total income for higher education institutions that year, according to UCU analysis. 

This would represent a 44% fall from the £6.6bn forecast for the current financial year, which is equivalent to 29.3% of universities’ total income of £22.5bn.

It would also be the lowest proportion of university funding to come from the public purse since 1900/01, when the state provided just 13.4% of higher education support. The highest was in 1960/61, when public funding covered 71.1% of universities’ total income.

The UCU said that as public spending on teaching and research falls, the burden on students to fund higher education will increase.

Under the funding reforms, universities will be able to charge up to £9,000 per student in annual tuition fees for the next academic year. The union forecasts that the proportion of universities’ income coming from students will rise to 47.2% by 2013/14, compared with 35.5% forecast for the current academic 

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