Saturday, 11 February 2012

Enfield council could impose £80 fine for spitting in public/ Perhaps Brent needs these measures more than others.

  A  London council could fine residents up to £80 for spitting in public after asking the government for permission to ban what it described as a "truly disgusting habit".

Enfield council's proposed bylaw would make spitting an offence – the first such law in England for 22 years. The north London council said it had gone to the local government minister, Eric Pickles, to ask for the bylaw to be approved after more than 3,700 borough residents signed a petition.

If Pickles allows the move, the council plans to have the ban in place within a month. It says the legislation would cover joggers in parks and on streets, but not people playing sports on public fields.
Council enforcement officers would have the power to hand out fixed-penalty notices – expected to be around £80 – to anyone caught spitting, and warning signs would also be erected around the borough. Those refusing to pay could face prosecution and a potential fine of up to £5,000.

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