Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ward Walkabout - Barnhill

As a result of our walkabout and discussion last Saturday in the bitter cold, the following are the results, as agreed with the BHP Rep:-

All paving slabs, in addition to what I had already marked, have been referred to the BHP repair centre to raise a work order and repair / replace within 28 days.

Orders have been raised by the BHP to fit one additional flood light outside block 1-6, and reinstate communal lights that are not working around Robert Hartley House.

Notice board lock has been changed by BHP, and the key will be loaned to Martin at 23 Saltcroft Close to use for future walkabout meetings.

A work order was raised by the BHP to fit 2.5 metres -  of chicken wire fence, to close the gap outside block 7-13 Saltcroft Close, thereby eliminating the danger of any child or adult falling on to the car park and getting hurt.

A referral was made to BHP Residents Involvement Team, to contact Martin, and set up a meeting to discuss forming some kind of residents association or community group. Martin should receive an information pack shortly, that explains the legal requirements and the challenges

The squatted property at 32 Saltcroft Closer was reported to the manager of the tenancy team in BHP for investigation, and commencing legal proceedings to repossess the property.
An estimate to build a ramp outside block 1-6 Saltcroft Close,for wheelchair and pram access,was requested. The estimate will then be presented to the senior manager for approval of BHP. As BHP Rep said there is no guarantee that the estimate will be authorised,in view of BHP’s current cost-aving policy.
An order was raised to mark the section of the access road at the drop kerbs between 466 and 500 Kings Drive by BHP.  This should prompt drivers not to obstruct the drop kerbs, that are designed for use by wheelchair users and parents with prams

BHP Ref have requested that Brent Council’s Sign Shop send him a quote for supplying and delivering a mobile “No Dumping” sign, with a heavy duty chain and a FB lock. Once it is received, he will authorise the purchase.

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