Friday, 13 April 2012

Destructive Forces for Brent Youths are "Crime and Gang Culture"

Around 20 young people joined Stella Creasy MP, shadow home minster, who was in the borough last Wednesday, as part of the Mayoral Youth Crime Pledge, which calls for the next Mayor of London to tackle youth crime
Stella said: “There is no point beating round the bush, there is gang culture that is prevalent here. A real concern is that only 17 per cent of our youth feel safe when out on the streets, and that is something that has to be addressed."

“I want all young people to feel like they can air any concerns they have because at the moment they don’t have a voice.”

Cllr Zaffar Van Kalwala, Labour councillor for Stonebridge, who arranged the meeting, labelled youth crime as one of ‘the biggest issues’ in Brent.

He said: “This was a really important event. We are definitely at a tipping point.

“Do we just accept gangs and gang culture in Brent? Or do we say as a community this is something we will not tolerate.

“We are all trying to tackle this very difficult issue which needs time and resources.”

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