Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Navin Shah's Questions to Mayor

Elderly Care
Navin Shah
Following the revelations from the recent Panorama undercover report regarding elderly care homes, I have been contacted by a constituent calling for a regional response to this malpractice. Will you consider establishing a secondary, regional inspection of the facilities and staff at care homes?
Written response from the Mayor
Like everyone else I was appalled at the revelations in the programme. Unfortunately it is not within my remit to be able to establish a regional inspection regime. However, I would encourage anyone, who is aware of abusive behaviour towards people or of poor facilities, in care homes, to report these to the relevant bodies. 
Public Toilets at Olympic Venues
Navin Shah
I have been contacted by constituents living around Wembley Stadium who are concerned that there is not currently, and will not be, an adequate provision of public toilets for the number of visitors to the stadium. On match days at the moment, visitors to the stadium use residents’ gardens because of the lack of facilities. Will you ensure this issue is addressed?
Lack of toilets outside Wembley Stadium
Written response from the Mayor
Brent Council recognises the need for toilets in the Wembley area. The planning agreement for the stadium saw the Council receive funding to provide four public toilets in the Wembley and Tokyngton wards. Three have been installed and Brent’s planners are now finalising arrangements for the fourth. That will be part of the redevelopment of Empire Way and will be ready by the end of this year. Importantly, it will serve the area that concerns residents most. That will be the long-term solution.
Until that facility is built, the Council will provide temporary units near to the Empire Way site on event days and during the Olympic period.  ......
The Stadium itself has some public facing toilets and many more inside. They have also installed temporary units in their car park for larger football matches.
Custody Suites
Navin Shah
How will the closing of Harrow’s police custody suites benefit the borough’s police if they are continually travelling to and from Brent?
Written response from the Mayor
The larger, modernised custody facilities in Brent offer significant advantages over the available facilities in Harrow. These have been designed with modern policing in mind and will enable detainees to be processed more quickly with the co-location of bespoke investigative teams who will deal with the detainee on behalf of the arresting officer. This will release front line officers back onto the street at a pace that will more than compensate for the additional travelling time and will be of particular benefit to Harrow officers as they do not currently have a separate prisoner handling team.

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