Sunday, 26 August 2012

Council tax revolt

The Observer claims that David Cameron is facing a revolt in his own Oxfordshire "backyard" as local Conservatives join a national outcry over council tax reforms that they say will cost people on low earnings more than £420 a year from next April. The paper reports that West Oxfordshire DC, which covers the PM’s Witney constituency, has decided to go it alone and keep the existing system throughout next year. Plans to scrap council tax benefit and leave it to individual councils to devise their own support schemes from April next year are part of the government's drive to devolve power to the local level. In 2010-11 council tax benefit was paid to 5.8mn people at a cost of £4.82bn. At the moment Whitehall covers 100% of each local authority's costs for the benefit. But from next year they will be given 10% less to run their own schemes.

Source Observer

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