Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tories failing to build social homes for poorest people, Labour says

Social homes will be built at a rate of just one a year in Grant Shapps's Welwyn Hatfield constituency this parliament, Labour says. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian
Conservative councils will build on average 20 social homes for the poorest people in society by the end of the parliament – and in the housing minister's own back yard, just one house a year will be built until 2015, according to a survey.
Freedom of information requests by the Labour party to 324 local councils showed that Tory local authorities were building fewer than half as many social homes as Liberal Democrat councils and fewer than a fifth of those in Labour authorities, which were planning an average of 100 properties for the poorest over the next three years. Of the 324 councils, 246 responded to the Labour request.
Concern exists that the number of social homes, be they in council hands or built by housing associations, has collapsed under the coalition. Last year there was a 91% fall, from 35,690 to 3,305, in the number of social homes, where rents are roughly a third of market rates, being built.

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