Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Care cuts

The Guardian reports that new research has revealed that Labour-run councils in some of England’s poorest areas have cut services for vulnerable older people far more deeply than Conservative authorities during the Coalition’s time in power. The study, conducted by management consultancy Candesic, claims that Liverpool has made cuts of 16.6% on personal social services since 2010. It was followed by Manchester (16.4%), Hackney (16.3%), Newham (16.1%) and Tower Hamlets (15.8%). The smallest declines were in Dorset, which cut 1.2% of services, Surrey (2.1%) and West Sussex (2.6%). A spokesman for the consultancy commented: “Local authorities have preferred to defend services to children, the disabled and the mentally ill. Therefore older people's services have been allocated a significantly reduced portion of the personal social services 'pie' over the last three years”.
Source: The Guardian, Page

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