Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Reality of the LIB DEMS is a shameful Record In Government & Broken Promises

Nick Clegg’s phoney apology on the eve of his Party conference was neither genuine nor heartfelt. It is nothing more than a cynical attempt to protect his perilous and weak leadership. 
People have made their mind up about him, the weak Liberal Democrats, and their broken promises. This is their Government and they should take responsibility for it. 
The Lib Dems have not been a brake on this Government. Whatever their claims, they can’t avoid their responsibility for their weakness and this Tory-led Government's failures: 
  • The longest double-dip recession since the Second  World War. 
  • Tax cuts for millionaires while millions pay more. 
  • A wasteful, top-down reorganisation of the NHS.
None of these would have happened without Liberal Democrat support. And they are responsible for their broken promises: 
  • The trebling of tuition fees, that they said they would scrap. 
  • The rise in VAT they said they would stop. 
  • The 15,000 cut to police numbers, that they promised  would be a 3,000 increase

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