Monday, 15 October 2012

No Get Away-Councils set to reveal parking income

Eric Pickles has announced that councils will have to disclose how much money they make from parking charges. He wants to extend the Coalition’s transparency agenda so taxpayers can see how much is raised from every parking zone in England. It is estimated that drivers paid a record £1.3bn in fees last year, a figure Mr Pickles describes as a “huge shopping tax”. It is noted that a recent survey revealed seven out of ten people intentionally avoided shopping areas with extortionate parking charges, while 66% said they would return to the high street if charges were more affordable. The Communities Secretary hopes the move will lead to a revival of town centres.
The Sunday Telegraph,

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  1. Call me pedantic but the parking ticket in the picture is not properly affixed to the vehicle, it must be stuck to it and not simply tucked under the windscreen wiper from where it could blow away.