Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Birmingham City Council to pay £575m and Brent Dilemma?

Birmingham City Council has revealed it will have to pay at least £757m to settle equal pay claims brought by mainly women who missed out on bonuses.
Last month 174 people who worked in traditionally-female roles won a ruling at the Supreme Court over the pay.
The £757m includes claims by that group and hundreds of other city council workers.
The remaining money the council still has to pay out is budgeted into the £600m it says it has to save by 2017.
Council leader Sir Albert Bore said the equal pay ruling had left the Labour-run council in a "horrendous position financially".
He reiterated warnings that entire services run by the authority, which has an annual budget of about £1bn, would have to be "decommissioned" to meet the budget shortfall.
He said he also expected the figures of claims to rise "but by how much, we don't know".

source BBC

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