Friday, 9 November 2012

The Communities Secretary Eric Pickles

The Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has vowed to introduce legislation which will make it easier for councils to dismiss their chief executives. He will allegedly scrap laws requiring councils to employ lawyers to review dismissal and disciplinary cases involving officers. Mr Pickles claims the costs of the cases are often so big that councils often prefer to give chief executives pay-offs rather than go through an expensive legal process. He will also urge more councils to consider abolishing the role of chief executive or try to merge the post across councils. Mr Pickles also takes aim at levels of pay in local government, which he believes remain too high. He draws comparisons to the pay of the PM when comparing management’s pay levels. 
 The Daily Telegraph

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  1. Well, from my observation of the lamentable performance of one or two 'leaders' of the community, this may well not be a bad idea!!