Monday, 3 March 2014

More Londoners turning to food banks

A charity that runs food banks has revealed that an increasing number of Londoners are using them. The Trussell Trust said that in 2011-12, people visited food banks 12,639 times while in 2013-14, this increased to 63,367 - an increase of 400%. Trussell Trust chairman Chris Mould says there are more than 40 food banks in London. He added that in areas such as Hackney and Tower Hamlets, the need for help was substantial due to the high levels of child poverty there. Elsewhere, charities have warned of a rise in people using food banks and relying on food parcels in Jersey. The Grace Trust said almost 80 households each month relied on food provided by the charity. It added that since 2008 the number of people needing a regular bag of food has doubled.

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