Saturday, 19 April 2014

CCTV for parking fines “violation of Magna Carta”

andon Lewis, the High Street Minister, has said that councils are violating the principles of Magna Carta by using CCTV cameras to issue parking fines, as he urged motorists to appeal against tickets. Mr Lewis said that it is “natural justice” for drivers to appeal parking fines. “Councils that raise revenue through parking fines are engaging in a form of taxation without consent that runs contrary to the Magna Carta,” he said. At least 36 local authorities in England and Wales are using static CCTV cameras to monitor parking offences, while 58 are using cameras mounted on cars. Mr Lewis said councils were harming local businesses by pushing away shoppers, and using parking enforcement as a revenue stream. He added that his department is now reviewing the rules.

The Daily Telegraph,

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