Thursday, 30 October 2014

Coal Fires and Log Burning Stoves

Coal Fires and Log Burning in Barnhill
Open fires can be used with smokeless fuels. Some burning of kindling in open fires is permitted to get a fire started but strictly speaking wood burning in an open fire is not permitted in smokeless zones. Barn hill is a smokeless zone.
There are specific rules for the use of stoves and fuels.  The government publishes a list of approved appliances (such as log burning stoves) and approved fuels (such as anthracite). Wood is not an authorised fuel in its own right BUT can be used with appropriate log burning stoves. Some types of coal would be permitted for use.

For more information and a link to the list of authorised fuels/ appliances you can use you may refer to the following:

The council can take action to address smoke issues in a smoke control area. This is specifically in relation to smoke emitted from a domestic chimney. There is other legislation which governs smoke or odour from other sources, such as bonfires. If you, or residents in contact with you, are affected by smoke from the suspected use of unauthorised fuel or appliance they should contact the nuisance control team to investigate the matter.   You may contact us on 020 8937 5252 during normal office hours or 020 8937 1234 from 6pm to 2am any day of the week.


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