Sunday, 12 October 2014

Miliband plans tougher rules for migrants

In an effort to head off the exodus of Labour voters to Ukip, Ed Miliband has said Labour will pledge hard-hitting measures to ensure that migrants 'earn the right' to state benefits. In an interview with the Observer, Mr Miliband says that rules limiting access to benefits until migrants have contributed to the state will be based on the principles of "contribution, responsibility, fairness". Additionally, as well as stronger border controls and laws to stop "exploitation that has undermined wages of local workers", Labour will commit to “reforms to those who come here speak English and earn the right to any benefit entitlements". Meanwhile, the Mail carries an interview from Labour MP Andrew McKinlay who calls on Mr Miliband to step down. He cites Labour’s performance in Heywood and Middleton as a chief reason.
The Observer, 

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