Saturday, 7 March 2015

Borough plan 2015-19 agreed at meeting of full council

The vision for 'building a better Brent together' has been agreed at a meeting of full council after residents outlined their priorities in the borough plan.

The borough plan was developed by public sector organisations - the council, health, police, colleges and other partners on the Partners for Brent Board. It sets out how partners will work together and with the community to deliver improvements for residents.  There is an emphasis on more partnership working including delivering more services with the voluntary sector, community groups and local residents.

This plan was developed based on what residents identified as priorities for their services, as part of the biggest consultation exercise the borough has ever undertaken. The consultation took place as local public services face significant cuts to their funding and rising demand from a growing population with more complex needs.

Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council, said: "The plan is based on your priorities for your services: the things that you said matter most. It is a plan for working together, in genuine partnership, to build a better Brent; a plan for making Brent a better safer, more attractive place, a plan to create good quality housing and more arts and leisure facilities; a plan for inclusion, for making sure that all who live and work here have better opportunities to improve their lives, to achieve, to work and to prosper, to live healthily and to be supported and cared for when they need it most.
"In our residents survey, 41% of people said they would be willing to help run a service rather than see it reduced or cut.  That shows that local people care about their area and as a council.  The council will work hard to support this, and together we can build a better Brent."
Some of the key priorities in the borough plan include:

1. Better lives

This means:
  • making sure that local people have the best possible life chances, regardless of their starting position
  • supporting local enterprise, generating jobs for local people, helping people into work and promoting fair pay
  • making sure that our schools are amongst the best and that our children and young people achieve to their potential
  • enabling people to live healthier lives and reducing health inequalities
  • supporting vulnerable people and families when they need it.
2. Better place

This means:
  • making sure that Brent is an attractive place to live, with a pleasant environment, clean streets, well-cared for parks and green spaces
  • continuing to reduce crime, especially violent crime, and making people feel safer
  • increasing the supply of affordable, good quality housing
  • supporting good quality, accessible arts and leisure facilities.

3. Better locally

This means:
  • building resilience and promoting citizenship, fairness and responsibility amongst local people and strengthening the sense of community amongst the people who live and work here
  • promoting cohesion and integration amongst our communities
  • making sure that everyone has a fair say in the way that services are delivered, that they are listened to and taken seriously
  • making sure that inequalities in the quality of life in different parts of the borough are tackled by a stronger focus on local needs
  • building partnership - between local service providers and between local services and residents - to find new ways of providing services that are more finely tailored to individual, community and local needs.
Councillor Butt added: "These priorities will be delivered by doing things differently, working in partnership and ensuring equality and fairness.

To read the whole Borough Plan, you can visit or pick up a copy from any Brent Council library

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