Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hunt calls for primary years career coaching-Labour Party

Labour's shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt told the London Festival of Education conference yesterday that more employers should be going into primary schools to talk about careers. "I want them to go into primary schools to talk to pupils - particularly girls in primary schools - so that they broaden their horizons," he said. “Giving them careers education at that age can do a lot to broaden their horizons. We have a challenge here in making sure we are raising ambitions." Mr Hunt also said Labour would reverse the Government’s decision to remove the requirement on young people to do work experience while they were at school. On the teaching of British values, Mr Hunt told the conference that schools need to do more than put a picture of the Queen on the wall. He called for a “a whole school approach” to the development and discussion of British values. Education minister Sam Gyimah described it as "an incredibly serious issue", but added: "Schools aren't responsible for children's political views. Schools can teach children to be critical and to show respect for other people's views and religion, and teach tolerance and about the democratic process."
The Independent on Sunday, 

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