Thursday, 23 July 2015

Empty property grants

A grant may be given to bring empty properties up to a let-able standard. In return, the owner will sign an agreement to take tenants through one of the council lettings schemes for five years.

A grant may be approved for up to 70 per cent of cost of the work, depending on the size of property.

A one-bedroom property is at 50 per cent, two bedroom properties at 60 per cent and three bedroom and larger are 70 per cent or at the level of £6,500 for every person that could be accommodated.

The approved grant would be the lower of the two calculations i.e. either up to the set percentage rate or at £6,500 per person that could be accommodated.

A decision on what may be grant aided can be made only after Brent surveyor has visited to the property.

To learn more about applying for a grant you can read Brent guidance on the empty property grant application process (.pdf, 290.7kB)

Start your application for a property grant by contacting Brent at or on 020 8937 2535 or 020 8937 2539.
Types of grant
Refurbishment grant

Empty property grants may cover works such as faulty and unsafe electrics, inferior heating system, windows that are so faulty as to be very poor insulation, inadequate kitchen food safety or food preparation arrangements and bathrooms that are very old.

It may also cover work to provide additional bedroom, subject to relevant planning and building control approval.
Conversion grant

Empty property grants may also be given towards conversion of a large empty house to smaller units or for conversion of empty commercial premises to residential units.

This is always subject to full planning consent.
Interest free loan

As an alternative to the grant scheme, Brent can offer an interest free loan for properties that have been empty for two years.

The loan could be up to £30,000 and is repaid from rental income.

This is subject to a five-year nomination or lease agreement with the council or one of our partner housing associations.

Contact Brent Council at or on 020 8937 2535 or 020 8937 2539.

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