Thursday, 26 January 2017

Funding cuts to prompt grammar schools to request money from parents

The Grammar School Heads Association has warned that grammar schools will soon need to ask parents for voluntary donations of between £30 and £40 each month in order to make up budget shortfalls caused by incoming changes to funding. The Government’s funding formula reforms will leave some schools better off but others will lose hundreds of thousands of pounds. Those to suffer cuts are expected to make the request of pupils’ parents in order to ensure teaching standards do not fall.
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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

More funding for apprenticeships in 2017

With the apprenticeship levy beginning this year, there will be more investment in apprenticeships from May 2017. Our Brent Works service already provides fantastic opportunities for local young people, and will continue to do throughout the year. See the current vacancies and encourage young people to sign up to our mailing list, so they are the first to know about upcoming opportunities.

courtesy of Brent Magazine 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Art and Literature for Children/Young peolpe/families

Brent Libraries have been successful in receiving a grant of £30K from the Arts Council in a joined up partnership bid with 12 other London Library Services and Apples and Snakes ( an Arts Bridge organisation). Brent was the lead library service and wrote the bid jointly with Apples and Snakes.

The funding will support the delivery of the SPINE Festival now in its 3rd year.  SPINE Festival is an innovative celebration of arts and literature for children, young people and families.  The ambition is for SPINE Festival to become a recognised brand with a strong emphasis on inclusion. The Festival runs annually February to March.  The funds will pay for two ‘artists in residents’ to provide workshops for children and families in Wembley Library.  

Full details of the events program will be available shortly

Weather forecast Mid January 2017

Below is official report on current weather forecast and measures taken by the Brent Officers.

Council officers check the weather forecast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have been doing so since the Winter Service commenced on 1 November.

With all 5 of our gritters fully serviced, more than 326 grit bins on the streets and filled with salt, and over 800 tonnes of salt in stock, the council is ready for any cold snaps.

On yesterday’s (12/1/2016) operation, all of the priority routes were treated from 10am due to a forecast of snow in the afternoon, grit bins were refilled, sweepers (with re-deployed parks staff) spread salt in town centres, outside transport hubs (train and tube), and in cemeteries where burials were taking place and also where needed and if necessary.  Full details of these can be found here.
Because of freezing temperatures from 22.00, gritting continued overnight.

The Borough was checked from 5.30am and the roads were in good condition - clear Tarmac showing on roads, no settling of snow from yesterday, and the gritting had stopped widespread ice formation.
On the latest 5 day information from our bespoke Brent forecaster, no snow is forecast but temperatures are expected to be below freezing on Friday night into Saturday and Saturday night into Sunday  and, if there is no change in the forecast, we will be gritting.
The gritters are loaded and ready to deal with any sudden change in the weather.