Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The cuts explained

Like all local authorities, Brent's funding from central government has been severely cut; not just in the current financial year but in each year until 2014/15.

The government's recent Comprehensive Spending Review announced a spending cut of around 19 per cent over the next two years with more to come.

Central government finances the majority of our spending, so any cut will impact on the services we provide and how we provide them.

Tough decisions to be made

We are reviewing all our services but the cuts mean we can no longer afford to continue to provide the same services and we need to make some changes to the way we work.

As always our goal is to reduce the impact of the cuts on the most vulnerable members of our community but the government spending cuts mean some tough decisions will need to be made.

We had anticipated these cuts before they were announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review and as a result, over the last year, a series of efficiency saving projects have been started.

We need to save £43 million next year (2011/12).

By being more efficient, doing things in different ways and stopping some things altogether we have already identified found £21 million in savings. This work has helped us to plan how we will achieve the savings needed and to reduce the impact of these cuts on Brent's residents and business community.

courtsey of Brent web

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Brent Black and Minority Ethnic Steering Group

A lively meeting held on 07 Feb 2011.
  • Qestions were raised whether Brent will be undertaking any consultation on the objective setting as part of the Equlity Act 2010. Informationb are still being gathered. 
  • Also asked if there was any news on the out come of the recent Census.It is too early for any result to be published.
  • Young Peolple and the Criminal Justice System.Members commented that the information produced at this meeting was very useful.
  • Health Wellbeing for Brent's BME Community. As Health and Wellbeing Board membership did not apear to have any meaningful community representatives on it, it was clear that authority talks about engagement and patients choice but have no meaning full involvement or engagement from the community which is not acceptable.
  • Topic for 2011-12 Work Programme:
    • The Health and Wellbing Board, the question of transfer of Public Health to the Authority
    • Education Conference
    • Public Sector Equalit Duty and the Eqwuality Act 2010
    • Young people and the lack of sporting facilities or other facilities for social activiites.


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Multiculturalism is thriving in Brent - Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner.JPG

A BRENT MP has criticised a speech by the Conservative prime minister about the failings of 'state multiculturalism'.
David Cameron argued in the speech, given at a security conference in Munich on February 5, that the UK needed a stronger national identity to prevent people turning to extremism.
But Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North said Mr Cameron's speech, 'muddied' multiculturalism with terrorism and extremism.
Mr Gardiner said: "The prime minister talked of the importance of having a shared sense of history, yet he chose to give his speech in Munich. If only he had visited Brent before.
"Here he would discover a community that speaks 160 different languages and still lives at peace with itself."
"In Brent we celebrate our pluralism. By doing so we strengthen the bonds of our community."
Mr Gardiner said immigrants have settled in Brent for more than 60 years and have helped build its community - including constructing buildings, staffing its health service and operating public transport.
He added: "All came to Brent in search of security and prosperity. They did not all share the same history, but for the most part they shared a common experience.
"They had been victims of poverty, intolerance and often violence. They had experienced prejudice and fear and they were determined that their children should not."
Courtesy of WWO

Monday, 14 February 2011

Brent Young Ambassdors- London 2012 Olympic Stadium Site

Brent Young Ambassors visit the new London 2012 Olympic Stadium site, get inspired with a visit by masot "Mandeville" to Kingsbury High School, and watch an olympic-inspired dance project.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Brent's parks - 'no-go' areas?

This is possible, but for only one reason:
The present government has forced the Brent Labour administration to cut £37million from its present budget, this current financial year. The reduction in spending will continue for the next 4 years ending up with a total reduction of around £100 million.
Therefore, anyone who wants to campaign against cuts of various services should not forget that, despite huge cuts imposed by the central government, we are doing our best to maintain a certain level of all services.
So there will still be a warden service maintained in Brent Parks, for instance.
Overall, there is no doubt that children, the young and the old will all suffer from these cuts, and carry on suffering until some sense prevails, and proper funding is restored by the government in Whitehall.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cricklewood Town Talk: "Brent Council has said it will continue to oppose plans"

Link above to web site

"Opponets of the plans insist the traffic projections of 9,000 extra cars being brought to the area every day, as a previous transport assessment had put the number at 29,000 more vehicles."