Wednesday, 20 March 2019

News letter -Barnhill Resident Association

I am reproducing Barnhill Resident Association newsletter just published. Barnhill Resident Association is a unique, efficient and very effective professionally run resident association in the area. I have been working with the association for some years, no hesitation to say I am proud to be associated with Barnhill Association especially their Chair John Wood and Secretary Mrs Wood.

Dear Residents,

As we mentioned in our last Newsletter the BHRA applied for £30,000 CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money from Brent Council and I am pleased to say that we managed to get this sum. This enabled Brent Council Officers Lawrence Usherwood & Martin Page to arrange the planting of 73 trees around West Hill/Uxendon Hill and Alverstone Road.
This means that we have now arranged the planting of 200 trees. We are extremely grateful to Lawrence and Martin for their fantastic work. We do hope you like the trees and the fact that they add to biodiversity.


 The Boundary Commission is consulting on whether or not to change the number of Councillors in some Wards, and their proposal is to reduce the number of Barnhill Councillors from 3 to 2. If you would like to have a say on this, then go to the Commission's Consultation Portal: before the 15th April.


Residents asked us to request Brent Council to arrange for double yellow lines on Barn Hill because commuters (and some residents) were parking right up to and on the corners. This severely restricted visibility and many residents found driving extremely dangerous as a result of this bad practice.

 Residents have contacted us to ask if we can arrange to put a stop to drivers speeding up and down West Hill. On 23rd December a car was speeding down West Hill towards The Avenue when a car reversed out of a drive on the left-hand side and the driver of the downward car lost control and knocked down the telegraph pole outside no.1 West Hill. Brent Council has put us in touch with the Met. Road Transport Police and they will be using a speed gun to monitor speeding drivers. The surface on this road is not good due to the number of heavy lorries that have brought building materials to many houses on West Hill. Cllr Choudhary is busily trying to get this road resurfaced. Numbers 2 - 66 and 1-69 West Hill are not in the Conservation Area.


 Make sure to pay the annual charge of £60 for your green bin by the 1st April.


 The BHRA receive many spam emails asking for payments for outstanding bills etc, and the way we deal with these and anything else that looks suspicious is to delete them immediately. Never click on a link if you are not sure. If anyone rings you purporting to be from your bank and asks you to confirm your bank account details and your password hang up immediately as your bank would not do this.


 Tottenham Hotspur has now returned to their own new stadium.

April / May tend to be the busiest time of the year at Wembley so the fixtures for that period are as follows:
Sunday 31st March Checkatrade Trophy Final
Saturday 6th April FA Cup Semi Final
Sunday 7th April FA Cup Semi Final
Saturday 4th May SSE Women's FA cup final
Saturday 11th May National League Promotion final
Saturday 18th May FA cup final
Sunday 19th May FA Vase & Trophy Final days
Saturday 25th May League Two play-off final
Sunday 26th May League One play-off final
Monday 27th May Championship play-off final

John Woods Chairman

Saturday, 16 March 2019

BM Bikes facilities in Barn Hill- St Davies Close

Barnhill has excellent BM Bikes facilities at St Davies Close. Ask  information from Brent Park services for its use.

EU Settlement Scheme - Information Evening -Brent

We are holding an EU Settlement Scheme information evening on Wednesday 27 March from 6.30-8.30pm in the Grand Hall. This event is for EU nationals who live and work in Brent. It is to provide information about the EU settlement scheme, what it means, how to apply and what they will need to apply.
The programme for the evening is:
  • Introductory talk - Clouncillor Tom Miller, Lead Member for Community Safety
  • EU settlement scheme - Mandy Brammer, Head of Registrations and Nationality. Mandy will talk in detail about the scheme about who can apply, how to apply, and what is required
  • Panel question and answer session. The audience will have the opportunity to ask the panel questions
  • Workshop Your chance to let us know your concerns and hopes for Brexit
Tickets are available on eventbrite.
Other Brent Brexit related resources for residents are: the Brexit page on our website, and for any questions about the EU settlement scheme

with courtesy of Brent council

Great British Spring Clean

A number of local groups across the borough have signed up to carry out clean up days for the Great British Spring Clean, which this year runs for a month from the 22 March to 23 April.  Groups will actively carry out litter picks in Queensbury, Fryent, Barnhill, Kenton and Willesden Green, as well as in Gladstone Park. 

Saturday, 9 March 2019

London Borough of Culture 2020 Culture Fund

Those who wish to take part in activities of London Borough of Culture must read the following:
What is the 2020 Culture Fund?
The 2020 Culture Fund is a grant scheme of £500,000 to support local people, organisations and groups in Brent to lead their own cultural activities as part of our year as London Borough of Culture 2020.
Who can apply?
- Individuals
- Community groups
- Voluntary and not-for-profit organisations
You don’t have to live or work in Brent, but you must be working in partnership with local artists, community groups or organisations and be able to provide evidence for this.
How much can you apply for?
Individuals can apply for grants up to a maximum of £3,000 and organisations can apply for grants up to a maximum of £10,000.
What types of activities will be supported?
- Events
- Participatory projects
- Installations
- Festivals
- Carnivals
- Screenings
- Performances
- Workshops
- Exhibitions
- Talks
- Walks

How can people apply?
People can apply for the 2020 Culture Fund by filling in the application form through the grants portal.
What support is available to applicants?
They will take place every Thursday from 24 Jan 2019 to 7 March 2019. The 45-minute session will be a chance for applicants to talk through their project with a member of the team and ask any questions about the application process, grant priorities and objectives.
Funding Skills workshops
We are offering workshops for applicants new to grant applications and those who would like to improve their skills. The workshops will focus on the 2020 Culture Fund, but attendees will also be able to apply what they learn to other funders. These will take place on 5 Feb and 13 Feb 2019. Places are currently booked up but if people are interested they should email so we can arrange another session.
When are the 2020 Culture Fund rounds?
Round 1: Opened on 17 January 2019, deadline is 18 March 2019.
Round 2: Opens on 13 June 2019, deadline is 12 August 2019.
Round 3: Opens on 16 January 2020, deadline is 16 March 2020.
Useful links
Culture Fund section on website:
Grants portal to apply:

Eventbrite page to book onto one-to-ones:

Notice to republish the Electoral Register

A revised Register of Electors was published on 1 March 2019 to incorporate the changes agreed in the Polling District, Polling Places and Polling Stations review as agreed by the General Purposes Committee on 21 January 2019 by the Brent Council.
courtesy of Brent Council.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Water Resources -Affinity Water

January and February rainfall was less than the long term average and water resources remain at below average levels
The first two months of the new year have been drier than average in our central region. January and February rainfall was 41% and 70% of the long term average respectively.
Groundwater levels declined through January and unseasonably warm temperatures and dry weather in the second half of February led to drier than average soil. Despite this, groundwater levels did increase through the month.
Groundwater levels are now lower than compared to this time in 2018. The drier than average soil is also likely to impact how much water reaches the aquifers for the rest or the recharge period, as more water is absorbed by the soil.
We are dependent on winter rainfall to ensure that our water resources are in a good position for the spring and summer, and we are continuing to plan to ensure we are prepared for a range of different rainfall scenarios over the next year.
To keep up to date with our latest water resource position, please visit

courtesy of affinitywater.