Friday, 29 April 2011

Chalkhill Royal Wedding Celebration

RESIDENTS of Chalk hill, under the banner of Chalkhill Resident Association, arranged a street party to celebrate wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton who are now known Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

As Royal Wedding fever gripped whole country, how could the Residents of Chalkhill  escape from it. So they arranged a party.  A large population of Chalkhill and neighbouring areas attended it. The day and the party will never  be forgotten those who took part. Plenty of food of various culture prepared by participants from wide range of nationalities was available. Some of which were prepared at the site. Somalian dishes were delicious and unbelievably mouthwatering and popular.

Credit goes to Chalkhill Residents Association and its chair Kathleen Jackson. Participating local residents were ecstatic and overwhelmed by the proceedings of the events locally and beyond.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Waste Plant--Minister takes on Tory council But What About Brent Cross?

 Theresa Villiers
Hi, Sarah Teather (MP for Brent Central) Did you  read this?

Transport minister Theresa Villiers is fighting her own party over plans to build Britain's biggest rubbish processing plant in north London.
Ms Villiers says she is "gravely concerned" about the Pinkham Way site close to Muswell Hill and Bounds Green, which could see more than 500 lorries a day delivering waste.
This week, Tory-run Barnet voted to back plans for the 24-hour site, which will process some 300,000 tons a year from seven boroughs. About 200 people protested outside Hendon town hall - and were branded a "rabble" by a senior councillor.
The facility, known as the EcoPark, would be on former sewage works. Plans include a building 75 feet high and the area of two football pitches.
Ms Villiers, Tory MP for Chipping Barnet, wrote to a constituent: "I too am gravely concerned. I have told the council I oppose these plans. I will be working with local groups campaigning against the proposals." North London Waste Authority, which will run the plant, wants pollution rules relaxed in exchange for creating 60 jobs.
Rubbish would be biologically treated and turned into fuel. Campaigners fear pollution and noise, and say the site, near the A406, is close to houses and schools. It already has high carbon dioxide levels, and exceeds limits for nitrogen dioxide pollution.
On Tuesday Barnet approved proposals to opt into the North London Waste Plan, the next stage in securing the plant. Tory Brian Gordon twice called campaigners a "rabble". Bidesh Sarkar, chairman of the Pinkham Way Alliance, said: "We were treated with absolute contempt." Resident Colin Parish added: "Maybe Theresa Villiers is part of the rabble too?"
The waste authority says the enclosed plant will have "odour control" equipment. It will submit a health assessment in its planning application to Haringey.

courtesy of ES

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Child groped And Probed in Airport Security

A disturbing new video reveals how children as young as six are being subjected to invasive body searches in the name of airport security.

The footage shows a six-year-old girl being called forward for a full pat down and finger search by an agent for the Transport Security Administration agent at New Orleans Airport.

At one point the young girl's mother asks 'can't you just re-scan her?' before being told 'no' by the TSA guard as the small child is called forward for the search.

The gloved guard feels the child all over, putting her fingers down the child's trousers and running her hands around the waist band.

She also runs her hands over the child's legs, arms, chest and groin areas.

Speaking on Good Morning America, the girl's mother and father said they had to stand powerless while this was going on.

'I did ask for alternatives. I asked for her to be rescanned,' said the girl's mother, Selena Drexel.

Her father, Todd Drexel, said that while his daughter was polite and respectful during the screening, she broke down in tears afterwards.

courtesy of AOL

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Real Man

Just watch and think

Iceland rejects Icesave repayment deal (libraries closures in Brent ?)

Icelanders have rejected the latest plan to repay the UK and Netherlands some 4bn euros lost when the country's banking system collapsed in 2008.

Partial referendum results show 58% voting no, and 42% supporting the plan

There is no need to remind people that Brent deposited funds in Iceland banks which are now in a deep pit.

I wonder if we had that money available , would then be any need to close libraries in Brent?

Council rubbish bin collection fines to be scrapped

Fines for residents who break the rules on rubbish collections in England are to be scrapped.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman is expected to announce next month that the charges will be outlawed in all but the most serious cases of fly-tipping.

Meanwhile, ministers have warned councils against "charging by the back-door" for refuse services.

At the moment, people can be fined with a fixed-penalty notice if they repeatedly break the rules covering rubbish collections, such as recycling incorrectly or leaving waste out on the wrong day.

Outlaw Pan Spitting

A borough in London is hoping to introduce a by-law to ban spitting in the street, with on-the-spot fines for offenders.

Enfield Council, north London, has written to Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke for clearance to introduce the rules.

Councillors in Brent  are also trying  similar by law saying : "Spitting in public is not only disgusting and anti-social it is a health hazard too".

"It would be great if a new by-law is introduced which would improve the quality of life of Brent residents and the borough's health along with others who are in similar predicament."

By the spitting was an offence carrying a £5 fine until 1990.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Brent Cross Light Railway - a new destination from Barnet?

Link to High Speed Two factsheet

"Although it is not currently part of the proposed scheme, it would also be possible to develop connections with London Overground services, to Clapham Junction, Camden and Stratford, along with access to the Central Line."

[We say: More to the point, this would be a likely destination for the proposed 'North and West London Light Railway' which would run from Finchely Central, on part of the abandoned 'Northern Heights' railway (see video), via Brent Cross, Old Oak Common 'Crossrail and HS2 station'to Ealing. Details are on the Transport page.]

Un-Finished London