Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Hackney Launches a new Cycle Taxi Service for Older People

A new cycle taxi service is launching in Hackney next week to help older people and those with mobility issues make short trips by bike for free.
The new ‘Ride Side by Side’ service is run by Cycle Training UK with funding from Hackney Council, TfL and the Department for Transport. Described as ‘unique’, the service is designed to help residents who use Dial-a-Ride to attend appointments, go shopping or visit friends.
The four wheeled taxi bikes are custom-made and allow the ‘trainer’ and passenger to sit side-by-side. Passengers can choose whether they want to join in and pedal, or sit back and enjoy the ride.
78-year-old George Capon, who recently trialed the new service on a shopping run (pictured below), said: “I think it’s an excellent idea. I hope it’ll catch on for lots of older people. It’ll give people that little bit of exercise and would be lovely to do in the summer months.”