Saturday, 23 January 2016

Rickshaw regulations

The Guardian explores how rickshaw riders were among the main targets of new regulations proposed for London’s private hire industry this week after Boris Johnson secured a government commitment to promote legislation to enable TfL to regulate pedicabs in London. Reflecting on the news, Westminster City Council’s Melyvn Caplan comments: “The truth is that we actually have no way of knowing who is driving rickshaws in the heart of London. We need regulation to help us work out who the good guys are and who is an unscrupulous operator.”

The Guardian Online 

Pothole problem worsens

Figures published by the RAC suggest the problem of potholes on Britain’s roads is getting worse. The motoring organisation says that it was called out to 25,487 pothole-related breakdowns in 2015, a rise of 24% year on year. The figures show that drivers in the south-east experienced the sharpest increase in pothole-related callouts, at 2,686 - a rise of 62%. Meanwhile, the total of 4,547 drivers affected by potholes in East Anglia made this area the most prolific region for callouts.

The Daily Telegraph, 

Rogue landlords targeted

Funding has been provided to the housing officials of local bodies by the government to help in the battle against rogue private sector landlords, who place tenants in squalid, unhealthy, high fire-risk and overcrowded homes. The money will pay for more unannounced raids on suspect properties, step up inspections and surveys and encourage the rooting out of so-called 'beds in sheds' - landlords who illegally rent out garages, garden sheds and outbuildings.